FY- Fitness Yoga

FFY a very contemporary approach to yoga!



  1. What do i need to wear?

    Comfortable, loose, non-restrictive but avoid hoodies, buckles etc as these will prove annoying and uncomfortale when doing floor work.   FY will be done in bare feet ideally on a yoga mat.

  2. What do i need to bring along on the day?

    Water, yoga mat, towel perhaps (do you,if you have done yoga b4, have any yoga blocks that you use?) Any questions you may have on any aspect of the class/ the hall/your equipment.

  3. How is FY different from other YOGA?

    FY is a fitness program that incorporates stretch, strength & Yoga postures

    Every element of FY is validated from a fitness perspective. Any one taking part in a FY class can expect to improve their flexibility greatly in 8 weeks. They will learn how to identify the bodies stabilizing muscles and use them effectively and efficiently to improve their posture and move with more confidence

    How does FY differ from traditional Yoga?

    It is not a spiritual experience it mimics Yoga in its breathing, focus and style offering postures that endorse strength and stability. There is no dogma, chanting or philosophy attached to this workout. There are no Sanskrit terms as postures are prescribed from the bodies natural anatomical perspective. We avoid general prescription of extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion in favour of individual strengths and performance. During FY moves and postures can be sequenced together to the beat of the music making transitions seamless and graceful.

    Who is FY appropriate for?

    FY is appropriate for many different target groups. Health clubs, leisure centres & the community can benefit from Fitness Yoga on the timetable as its roots in fitness make it excellent prescription for a total body programme where flexibility is often the weakest link. Like all group exercsie it can be taught in many different levels to suit all age ranges and abilities

    Why teach FY instead of traditional Yoga?

    FY has been developed over 11 years. It is a contemporary approach to an ancient format. It takes on board modern fitness trends and research to fine tune postures that in some instances can be contra indicated. It helps bring Yoga in line with other classes by using the same language and exercise prescription. Instructors can be assured that they are not saying things that contradict their daily practice.

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    a participant
    Fitness yoga
  • "".. at last a yoga class for those who don't do yoga!!!! no chanting , fluffy clouds, and that sanskrit mumble jumble.....thank you....""
    a participant